Next Movie Night Is August 13


Our next movie night will be Sunday August 13 at 5 pm. We will be viewing Expelled: No Intellegence Allowed, a great choice for the time of the year when our students are going back to school. Everyone is invited!

New Classes Begin July 2!

Our two adult auditorium classes will be:

Sunday Morning: FINDING THE NARROW WAY. We have a tendency to let the important things of God drift into the background of our minds. We need to help people find the Narrow Way that Jesus spoke of and rededicate ourselves to keep walking that path!

Wednesday: PETER'S LAST WORDS. What a life Peter lived! Such an interesting Bible character!  When he realized the time of his death was near, what did he want to say to the church?  Join us Wednesday's at 11 am or 7 pm as we study the book of 2 Peter.


More info and class materials.

Lakeshore's focus for 2017: