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May 2017

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  1. Wednesday Night Bible Study
    5/31/17 07:00pm
  2. Sunday Morning Worship in Song
    6/4/17 09:00am
  3. Sunday Morning Classes
    6/4/17 09:30am
  4. Come And See Sunday!!
    6/4/17 10:00am
  5. Sunday Morning Worship Assembly
    6/4/17 10:30am
  6. Full Calendar

New Classes Begin April 2.

Our two adult auditorium classes will be:

Sunday Morning: Our Internet Reputation.  What does the internet have to say about the churches of Christ? We will begin by looking at the Wikipedia Encyclopedia entry for "Church of Christ". We are not be using this as a source for guidance but rather as an illustration of what people think of the church. These popular ideas will be examined in the light of scripture.  Why do people say the things they do? What is true? What is false? What is the basis for some of our unique doctrines and beliefs?  The ultimate goal of the class is that we all come a better understanding of and appreciation for the church.

Wednesday: The Gospel Is God's Power For Salvation.  This is a study of Paul's letter to the church in Rome. The class meets Wednesday mornings at 11 am / evenings at 7 pm.

More info and class materials.

Lakeshore's focus for 2017:

Welcome to the website of the Lakeshore church of Christ! We're a Bible believing, non-denominational, God worshipping church that meets on the westside of Jacksonville.

We would love you have you come join us, whether for Bible class and worship, or to be a part of the body of Christ that meets here Jacksonville.

We offer Bible classes for all ages, and a worship service on Sunday that includes the Lord's Supper, singing, and teaching. We have Tuesday Night Classes for Men at 7:30, Wednesday Classes for everyone at 7, Friday night devotions for teens (in summer), and a monthly beach devotion.

If you're a Christian looking for a place to worship, head over to our location page. Or, if you want to just learn more about the group, you can find out more about us here, or feel free to ask us a question or contact us!